In this competitive world it is not sufficient to have degree certificate to get the job. Industries are now looking for the candidates who have something extra with them. Keeping this in mind V.P. & R.P.T.P. Science College conducts add-on certificate course.


To keep pace with ever changing environment.

To prepare students with something extra.

To extract out talent from existing teaching faculties.

To maximally utilize the present courses.

Duration Of Course

Each cerificate programme will be of one month duration. i.e.25 days. The extent of practical and theory classes will depend on course and decide by course coordinator. Course Name Co-ordinator Department
1. TechnoLearning Mr. Ashish Joshi BCA
2. Software Development Mr.R.H.Sadhu Computer Science
3. Floriculture Dr.J.P.Patel Biology
4. Wild life study(Biodiversity) Dr.Rajiv Bhatti Zoology
5. Soil Analysis Dr.B.C.Dixit Chemistry
6. Water Analysis Dr.G.M.Patel Chemistry
7. Manufacturing of domestic items Dr.H.R.Maradiya Chemistry
8. Mobile Technology Mr.P.A.Lashkari Electronics
9. Seperation Techniques:Chromatography Dr.Pravinkumar M Patel Industrial Chemistry
10. Petroleum Testing Dr.V.K.Sinha Industrial Chemistry
11. Elementary Course in LATEX Mr.R.P.Solanki and Mr.Nilesh Y.Patel Mathematics & Statistics
12. Certificate Course in Creative Art Mr.Lincoln Chauhan Physics
13. Microbiology Techniques Mr.A.A.Shukla & Mr.S.A.Shaikh Microbiology
14. Coversational English Dr.C.R.Gurjar English
Vitthalbhai Patel & Rajratna P. T. Patel Science College
Mota Bazaar
Vallabh Vidhyanagar


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