Contact Details for Admission Inquiry

Course Name Contact Number
Industrial Chemistry(Voc) Dr. Pravin M. Patel(Head) 9428437109
Dr. Sagar Patel(Counsellor) 8200765816
BCA Mr. Ashish Joshi(Head) 9510586855
Dr. Navtej Bhatt(Counsellor) 9723723000
For other admission related query Mr. P.A.Lashkari(Head-Electronics) 9426575241
Dr. P. M. Patel(Head-Physics) 6352453915
Note: The timing for contact is 10:30 am to 04:00 pm.
Vitthalbhai Patel & Rajratna P. T. Patel Science College
Mota Bazaar
Vallabh Vidhyanagar


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